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We mostly use bpost for shipping, and can provide our products to Europe and beyond. All of our products are currently manufactured in Belgium, and our shipping prices reflect that.

Within Belgium


Shipping is free within Belgium, and can to collect the product from our manufacturing site in Houthalen-Helchteren, Belgium.

To Border Countries

Flat Rate


We charge a 10€ flat rate for shipping to France, Germany, Luxemburg, Netherlands

To Europe and beyond



Our shipping for beyond Belgium border countries starts at 17€ and goes up to 50€ for our largest items.

Why's it called rubbish?

Our products are made from either waste plastics or bio polymers. Our plastic products are generally made from rPET, which is mostly made up of plastic drinking bottles. Bottles and other single use packaging is shredded and turned into pellets which can be transformed with colossus into a 3D object. We even offer to take back our furniture at the end of its life, in the unlikely event it breaks, where it can be made into a brand new product. 

Did you know...

We make custom products

We can design customised products or furniture for you. Our in-house design team will work with you to make sure your concept is 3D printable.

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