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We Can Print Anything From Rubbish.

Our Print Service

We work with Colossus and OMD3D to create custom products, from big to small. We use a wide range of recycled materials, as well as an impressive selection of post-processing techniques which can take your product to the next level.  


So, you have an idea?

They say coming up with an idea is the easy part.  Luckily for you, we will take care of the rest, so your work here is done!

Upload it below

Upload a 3D STL file in our form below, and specify your requirements. We will select from over 20 printers and manufacturing techniques. 

We will make it

Once approved, we will get to work creating your product(s) with the help of Colossus and OMD3D.

And send it to you!

When its finished we will ship it to your door! You can always quickly order repeats by clicking ‘Repeat Previous Order’ in our print form!

Fill this in for a fast quote!

Fill in this form and we will get back to you with a quote or further questions. We take your privacy important, and will treat your STL and ideas as such. We always aim to respond within 48 hours so keep an eye out for our message! 

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