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3D Printing Material

Totally recycled 3D printing filament for use on desktop printing, and compounded material for specialist applications can be purchased online.

Industrial Materials

A range of recycled materials can be seen in the maker's edition shop, such as rPET flake and pellets. All of our materials are made from rubbish.

Processing Technologies

The Rubbish Shop partners can provide state of the art processing technologies such as 3D printers of all size, pyrolysis and recycling factories.

Rubbish Filament

Our rPETg filament is a strong, high transparent material used often in 3D printing. Because it is easy to print with and has minimal shrinkage, this material is excellent for a large range of applications.

Meet Colossus

The Colossus 3D printers are the first FGF printing systems designed with a special accent on materials for furniture, construction applications and large size 3D objects. It also prints with recycled materials, combining cutting-edge technology to give plastics a second life.

About The Rubbish Shop

The Rubbish Shop is owned and operated by The Rubbish Project, an organisation set up to tackle the rubbish problem by working with events, venues and buildings to capture their single-use waste. This material tracked and recycled in a closed-loop, back into products that can be recycled again.

We launched The Rubbish Shop as a way of providing our services to consumers and makers who are interested in supporting the circular economy. The Rubbish Project has a wide range of partners all operating in the recycling industry, enabling us to offer an array of services and products.

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